Company History


ThreeSided Studios was founded in 2002 by Adam Aragon. Adam is a longtime tech evangelist who is passionate about the web, social media and technology. After a stint doing web design for the US Military, Adam turned to assemble a team of like-minded individuals. With the intent to provide web design as an ongoing hobby and method to try the absolute latest in technology to keep skills sharp.

While originally a “Moonlight” business that primarily consisted of freelance and hand-picked projects by word of mouth. It eventually grew into a full time business. Now that ThreeSided has launched into an accredited company with several major clients under it’s belt – they strive for that same personal touch and independent passion.

Since its inception, ThreeSided has always helped small, to medium local businesses get off the ground or to reinvent themselves. With a specialization in startups, new companies, small businesses and re-designs. They enjoy a unique niche which is simply to “make businesses better” through the web, email. social, and more.

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