Mobile Design

We can offer a variety of mobile friendly solutions. Mobile is rapidly becoming a key area of growth in the web industry and it’s more important than ever that your site appear cleanly and correctly with the right information on these devices.

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • SmartPhones
  • iPad
  • Tablets
  • More…

We offer a variety of solutions including:

Responsive Design

Mac_with_WallpaperResponsive Design is Google’s Recommended method for SEO purposes. Responsive design is basically a website that’s designed to scale to different device sizes. In the past often a completely separate mobile site was created, usually with a subdomain like or

While this is a valid tactic and in some cases a better option for certain clients, it generally splits or duplicates your content which hurts you with Google. It’s also very common that the mobile version has less features or a different layout, which can be confusing to your clients & customers.

The advantages of Responsive design are proven and effective. However it does provide some creative limitations with your site design. So it’s best to usually discuss your site design and we can cater something specific to your needs.

  • Mobile Websites

iPhone_with_WallpaperA mobile website is generally a complete second website designed specifically for mobile and or tablet devices. While the above reasons for responsive design sometimes beat out a mobile version. It’s sometimes preferred to have something created specifically for mobile. This can be for shopping cart purposes, complex sites, or sites that need to present something specifically for mobile.

The advantage of mobile over responsive is that you can cater the design completely for a device or group of devices. You can craft your experience more like a native mobile application or we could also craft an actual mobile app for you to distribute as well.

  • Automatic Conversions

iPad_with_WallpaperAutomatic Conversions are complete alternate layouts that still pull in the same content from your full-sized website. Because we build on the WordPress platform, your content is malleable in a variety of ways.  This is often considered a nice middle-ground solution for people who want something to look good on mobile but don’t want to split their content into a complete 2nd mobile site.

Like responsive design, this serves up an alternative version with the same content, and offers a good automated solution to the mobile issue. This can be one of the most cost effective and simple ways to provide a mobile output for your site, although the design constraints are somewhat limited to handle the automated conversion process.

App Development

When you want to go all-in with mobile or offer some functionality to mobile users that you just can’t get with a web version. We can assist you with getting an app made. While the creation of apps can be done in a variety of ways there are several major decisions to consider.

iOS vs Android vs Other

The two titans of mobile are Apple and Google, and the top 2 considerations are whether or not to tackle mobile for one, the other or both. This can be based off your demographic or target audience, which we can help you determine with analytic data.

Web based app vs Native app

Sometimes a web based app can be created, much like a mobile site but intended to function with the look and style of a native app. This is an alternative to the often complex and expensive choice to hire a coder to build your application in a complex language like C++ or Cocoa (iOS)

If all this sounds a bit complicated, don’t panic. We’re here to help. We can listen to exactly what your hopes and dreams are, your budget and your goals and help you with a solution that’s catered exactly to your needs.