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Creating an identity for your company can be challenging, a logo, a color scheme, a style all your own. We can create some amazing packages that give your company a clear and vivid identity on the web or in print. If youre going to be famous, you might as well look the part.
Social Media is an ever-changing and difficult to pin down topic. Like the Loch Ness monster, but with friends. We can point you in the right direction, get your accounts setup right, show you how to use them and when. Dont feel like it? We can also do it for you.
Every site needs to play nice with Google and Search Engines. We make sure to follow best practices to make sure your site gets seen. If you want to go further, we can help design a campaign to get you ranking higher and higher. I dont mean to brag or anything, but Google and Us are tight
We utilize world-class Newsletter systems that are the best in the business. Seriously we can scale to 1000, 10,0000, or 10,000,000 people. You name it, we can handle it. We make newsletters both look great and work easily. Were gonna get your message in an email and then were going to give it a shine and make sure everyone gets it. Lets make some email!
Responsive is all the rage right now and we can do that. However there are still some reasons you might want a mobile site, or your site to look and feel like an app. Some sites are even geared toward mobile-only. Thats where mobile design comes in. We can make your site stretchy, bendy, and contort to all the popular devices. But dont try this at home.
Google now provides a penalty to your site if its not compatible with mobile devices, or better yet, responsive for all devices. We can convert your site into a mobile friendly responsive machine, or create you a new site from scratch that is all things to all devices. All hail the responsive site!
Thinking big here. What if you need an app for iOS or Android, an iPhone game, application or whatever? Were not app developers, but we know quite a few. We can help you plan your apps functionality and deliver a clear package to the right people to get your app made and looking great. So if youre feeling the urge to app, we can dig it.

Restaurants Food Industry

Integrate OpenTable into your website and restaurant. Well help you setup a system to make reservations a breeze and increase customers. People like food, lets help them get it.
Setup an online reservation system. Take all the guesswork and manpower (womanpower?) out of the equation. Automate stuff like reservations but with a system that fits your exact needs.
These days, a PDF menu just doesnt cut it. Its hard to update, Google doesnt like it, and it makes you look tired (are you getting enough sleep?) Well make your menu dynamic, easy to update, and dazzling to behold. It will also play nice with Google.
Sometimes restaurants get everyone they need in a 5 mile radius. It can be difficult to target that radius. Sometimes you have more than one location and you want to drive people to the right one. Weve got your back. No need to ask for Directions
Food Dispensaries (Those are like restaurants) Live and Die by Yelp. Well show you how to play nice with them. How to show off your perfect rating, and how to get more of them!
So your website already exists, maybe you even like it. But youve realized that your site doesnt fully support mobile. Now Google is penalizing websites that arent mobile-friendly. The rush to make your site work on phones and tablets is a real thing, Well help you do that. Were very helpful. We like you. (You smell terrific!)
Oh youre getting fancy on us? Challenge accepted! Well get your menu or ordering system working on iPads or Tablets so people can order in new and fantastical ways! This wont be at all like the carrier pigeon incidentwe swear
Hey its the future right? We can take orders online, even for delivery. Maybe you think it would be too much work or be too complicated. Youre dead wrong, but we forgive you. Lets make your food go places.

Technology, Industry Corporate Clients

Our corporate clients have a lot to think about. An intranet is a way for employees to communicate internally and share documents, ideas and plenty more. An Extranet is like having a website just for your clients to use. They both can be immensely useful. That was complicated, but we assure you, it all makes sense.
Whats a CRM? Heres the boring technical definition: Customer relationship marketing (CRM) is a business process in which client relationships, customer loyalty and brand value are built through marketing strategies and activities. CRM allows businesses to develop long-term relationships with established and new customers while helping streamline corporate performance.
Having a ticketing system for support is like having a warm blanket on a winter night. It acts as a buffer from the chaos of customer requests. It helps you manage each request through every step of their complicated needs (customers are SO complicated right?)
Because its actually after the point in Back to the Future 2 where we get hoverboards, people are disappointed. However instead we get the Cloud which lets us share immense amounts of data and create virtual servers that fit your exact needs. Its pretty awesome actually, but its not a hoverboard. *sigh*
On the Web, a vertical portal (sometimes called a vortal) is a Web site that provides a gateway or portal to information related to a particular industry such as health care, insurance, automobiles, or food manufacturing. Its not just a cool band name idea.
Company Directories, employee management, payroll and invoicing. Theres a lot your employees need. (Theyre so needy!). But we love our employees, so lets give them great tools to do their job and give you great tools to find out who is doing what.
Everything is easy once you break it down. You can convert any project into milestones, to do lists, and specific assignments. You can collaborate with dozens of people on one project and see where everyone is at a glance. Dont abuse this superpower, but wield it like a mighty sword of justice.
You can cut costs with Open Source Technology, for every overblown, overpaid solution out there, theres usually a clean, elegant alternative that costs far less. Were experts (ninja experts!) at finding alternatives to paid solutions with open-source technology. Usually you save money, AND things work better. Its a win/win/win/win

Winery, Vineyards and Wine

Sell your products online, calculate shipping, only ship to certain states, and people of a certain age. It all sounds so complicated doesnt it? Luckily this isnt our first rodeo, er wine rodeo? What I mean is, we have great solutions for selling products online.
Give a guided tour of your winery, tasting room, or the grounds. We can do a video tour or step by step photos to show your potential customers what they have to look forward to, besides the wine of course.
If you want (and you probably do) we can take a big 360 degree panorama of your most beautiful spots and let people explore your venue in full surround vision.
Its all about the people. We will present your well-rounded team in a fantastic way to highlight each persons role in your company and what they bring to the table. Its a great way to get personal with your clients. Not like 7 minutes in heaven personal, but like a neighbor you like.
We can put your tasting schedule online and make it easy to update if things change. We can also help you take reservations which can simplify your business quite a bit. Basically we want your life to be so easy that you just lie around all day, you bum.

Car Auto Repair Mechanics

One of the most complicated concepts for auto repair shops is managing your time. Getting rid of downtime and getting people in the right place at the right time. You can funnel all this through your website, like putting a new muffler on your Camaro. This baby is gonna hum.

Word of Mouth is vital. People dont just judge a business by its cover. They look for other real people who have had great experiences so they can have that experience as well. We can help you collect and display testimonials.The short version? You make them happy and well make sure people know about it.

The best way to show people what youre capable of is to show what comes in and what goes out. A before and after gallery is a great way to show off. Its not being vain, its good business. So dont get all guilty about how good you look.